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Limestone-Travertine Soap


Maintenance Cleaner For:

• Honed & Textured Limestone
• Honed Terrazzo

• Honed & Textured Marble

Limestone/Travertine Soap is a specially formulated no rinse stone soap designed for easy ongoing maintenance of honed, tumbled, textured limestone, marble, travertine, terrazzo and other stone containing calcium. Limestone/Travertine Soap produces a protective film that protects the surface of the stone. Limestone/Travertine Stone Soap only reacts with the calcium in the stone so there is no risk of buildup like a traditional floor coating. Non-textured surfaces can be buffed with a floor machine and white nylon pad for added patina or shine.


• Biodegradable
• Nonflammable
• Non-Toxic

• No-Rinse
• Easy-to-Use
• Low VOC
Coverage: 93- 650 square metres per 38 litres. with recommended dilution ratios.

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