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Tile and Grout Sealer

Grout is one of the small negative home elements that often go neglected and unaddressed despite its big impact on the overall aesthetics of an interior space. This porous material easily stains, and in some cases, can develop bacteria and mildew. Keeping the tiles and grout clean and sanitised for as long as possible should then be a priority whenever it’s cleaning time. This is where we lend a hand.

Miracle Sealants strives to provide customers with a complete cleaning solution. After using our cleaning products, finish the job by using our tile and grout sealers. These cleaning solutions are specially formulated to give your tiles and grout a layer of protection that will keep them spotless and clean for a long time.

Proven Effective in Sealing the Deal

What makes our products stand out above others is its deep penetrating and lasting effect. The 511 Impregnator, for instance, is the original penetrating sealer perfect for keeping all medium to dense porous surfaces clean and spotless. This tile and grout sealer provides an invisible layer of protection that keeps dirt, stains, and moisture away, while allowing vapour to escape.

Whenever you need a reliable tile sealer or a grout sealer, trust Miracle Sealants to deliver. Our products are sealers, not surface coating. This means it delivers the protection your surfaces need without affecting its natural look. Simply apply our sealer with no scrubbing or rinsing needed, and see it become harder and less slippery.

Independent laboratory tests even confirm our 511 Impregnator performs better than competitors. Be it for agglomerate, polished granite or marble, quartz, sanded grout, slate, stucco, terrazzo, travertine, or quarry, ceramic, glazed or porcelain tiles, you can always count on our tile and grout sealers.

Trust Miracle Sealants to keep your surfaces looking good as new. Contact us today and take the first step to make your clean tiles and grout stay spotless longer.